Questions you may or may not want to know the answers to.

Are you Rosie, or Lea?
My name is Lea (Leah, actually--my parents' inability to spell has been a sore spot for me my entire life).  I answer to both Rosie or Lea--whichever you prefer.  Originally I was going to go into the artisanal tea business.  Rosie Lea is cockney rhyming slang for tea, and it fit me due to both my name and my red hair.  The business never happened, but the name stuck.

Are you on social networking?
Yep!  Twitter & Facebook are where I am most active.  I also have a Pinterest, Tumblr, DeviantArt, and Instagram.

Where do you source your supplies and products?
I work with indie sellers, wholesalers, craftspeople, medical/foodservice/industrial supply companies, and farmers both in the United States and overseas. I also occasionally do my own (sustainable) wild collecting.  I love vintage items, so I also source from auctions and estate sales.

Are your animal products ethically sourced?
Most of my animal products are either natural/accidental deaths, or they were sourced from animals that were killed for food. I try to mostly work with small farms but some items come from an industrial setting.  I sometimes source fur or leather from vintage clothing items as well. Once in a while I am gifted either animals or animal parts that might not have been ethically sourced.  When these items come to me I do use them, as it would be a waste not to.  I should also note that I am not against the culling of invasive species in efforts to protect the habitats of native wildlife.

What about the bugs?
My insects are farmed specifically for sale to artists and collectors and may or may not be natural deaths. Insect farming helps preserve natural habitats and encourages the growth of native plants in an area as opposed to digging everything up for farming. It gives people an income that doesn't involve destroying their ecosystems.  All of my insects are common to their area and are not protected or endangered. Most of my insects are sourced from China & Vietnam. 

Are these really real human bones?
Yep!  I source some items, including these, from reputable scientific education vendors.

Is this handmade?
I make some items myself.  Some I source wholesale from other craftspeople.  Anything listed as handmade on my Etsy store was made in my studio in Ohio.  In-person and ebay items may be sourced from wholesalers.  I will always be upfront about where I get my products and will never pass off another person's work as my own.

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