About Me

Established in 2015, Rosie Lea's Curiosity Cabinet is an ever-evolving curated collection of stones and crystals, jewelry making supplies, handmade jewelry, pagan items, clothing (modern, vintage & costume), collectibles and vintage curiosities, and dead stuff!  The Curiosity Cabinet currently operates on Etsy and eBay.  Occasional IRL shows too! Stay tuned for dates/locations (in Ohio).

I live in Columbus, Ohio with my husband, 3 cats, and a few shelves full of dead things.  I drive a smart car when I have to but prefer to walk.  I'm into tea, reading & writing, history, science & animals.  I enjoy vulture culture, goblincore, cottagecore, goth, pagan, and boho cultures and aesthetics.  Favorite music is classic rock, 90's pop, steampunk, and synthwave.  This shop's politics are on the left. 

I donate monthly to the following charities: Colony Cats & Dogs, Akron-Canton Foodbank, & Environmental Law Alliance Worldwide. 

This is me, Rosie Lea.

I'm a lot of fun on Twitter and Facebook, so you should follow me there!  I also have a sorely under-visited Tumblr and an Instagram!

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